February 04, 2024

The Maskwa Rugby program is for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous youth. The goal of the program is to have youth get involved with rugby and experience learning of Indigenous Culture. The program is for youth ages of 13-18 years old. 

The program offers teaching of rugby skills and teaching/guidance of Indigenous culture. Head Coach, Doug Stevenson Jr. said "I strongly believe the game of rugby is a sport that can build confidence and self-respect, which can strongly assist our youth in daily life skills." 

The program provides a safe environment and achievable goals for our youth to obtain. 

Body: How to exercise, train in cardio and in weight training, heal upon injury.
Mind: to over come challenges on and off the field within a team and non team scenarios.
Heart: To challenge one self in obstacles, to care for teammates and opponents on and off the field. 

Spirit: Be proud of our culture and continue to learn and educate others in Indigenous culture.

Maskwa is from Cree language meaning of Bear. The bear in the Indigenous culture is seen as a spiritual guide, representing strength, courage, and leadership. Overall the
Maskwa represents the ultimate symbol of bravery and power.

"I believe this program will provide youth with guidance through rugby and gaining knowledge of Indigenous Culture," said Head Coach, Doug Stevenson Jr.

Session Dates and Location: 

  • March 2 at 6pm at North Soccer Complex (770 Leila Avenue)
  • April 14 at 6:45pm at North Soccer Complex (770 Leila Avenue)

To register for the Maskwa Rugby program CLICK HERE to find the registration page. If you have questions, please contact