Rugby Manitoba Expands Senior Competition for Men and Women

Tentative Start Dates: 

 Preseason – late July/early August

 Regular season – Week of August 9th

Rugby Manitoba is pleased to announce the start of two new divisions that will expand our senior level competition for both men and women in the province.

The M-League (men) and the W-League (women) are meant to ensure there is an appropriate competition structure for all levels of athletes. Rugby Manitoba will be implementing a new “game on” ruleset aimed at increasing opportunities for recreational and developing players. These divisions will also offer an opportunity to introduce new players to the sport.

This has been trialed successfully in New Zealand and England, and is a great opportunity for clubs to build their player base. Teams in these leagues would not play against Rugby Manitoba Premier League sides in league competition.

Key Division Rules

  • Minimum of 10 players per side up to 15
  • 40-minute minimum match length
  • Rolling substitutions
  • Optional uncontested scrums and lineouts
  • Terms of game decided with referee before kickoff

For clubs interested in entering a team into either of these divisions for the upcoming season, they can contact the Rugby Manitoba office at if more information is required.

Any new players who need help finding a team can also contact the Rugby Manitoba office for assistance.