Mission Statement

To develop and spread the sport of rugby union within the indigenous community through consistent and high quality youth programming with the goal of developing a inclusive and sustainable high performance and youth program.

Core Values

  • Connect to the seven teachings
  • To make connections with Indigenous partners to help foster the growth of the game
  • Promoting a positive inclusive environment
  • Promote mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being
  • Using rugby to appeal and unite the north, south, east and west
  • Sharing of stories from our Indigenous members in rugby


  • Develop a program for the 2020 NAIG
  • To grow and develop to participate in the Manitoba summer games
  • Develop and establish a High performance Touring side – Canadian prairies

Manitoba Indigenous Rugby News

In late May, the committee made a presentation to the Chief, Council and guests in Roseau River. If you are interested in finding out more about the presentation yourself please download the PDF copy of the PowerPoint here

Indigenous Rugby Presentation (.pdf)

Interested In Learning More?

Teresa Sanderson

Committee Chair


Teresa Sanderson: Chair

Kerry Peterson: Vice-chair

Nick Jones: Vice-chair

Indigenous Consultants & Members

Cree Crowchild: Spokesperson + Consultant

Amanda Lafreniere: Consultant

Michelle Gougeon: Consultant

Jason Henry: Consultant

Guy Mckim: Member

Justin Mackay: Member