h3>High Performance Programs

Rugby Manitoba has a variety of programming available for our Provincial and elite athletes. Our competitions for provincial and regional competitions help to build better rugby players and further develop our game.

Rugby at the high performance level begins with our Rugby Academies which help further develop the skills and techniques needed to excel at the National level. Those looking to try out and participate with Regional and Provincial programs are asked to attend to help them not only assess their skills but learn new ways to advance their own game.

Moving beyond the Academies we then branch off into two streams, our 7s stream and our 15s stream. Both are very similar but both have different requirements and schedules.

For more information on any of these programs or in which stream would be best suited for you, please contact our office at 204-925-5664 or via email at executivedirector@rugbymanitoba.com

7s Stream

Regional Programs

Each Fall in Manitoba, a regional competition is held in mid-October in the province which showcases the best talents amongst our athletes aged 17 and under.

With divisions starting for kids aged 13 years and under and up to the our U17 program. We provide a great opportunity for kids who participate in our Rookie Rugby and School programs along with High School rugby to continue to play at a competitive level in the Fall months.

From the Regional 7s competition, athletes are selected and invited to the Provincial Regional 7s camps in early January.

The Regional 7s competition is the first step to taking your 7s play to the next level and going on to represent Manitoba at the National level.

15s Stream

Provincial Programs

Team Manitoba at the 7s level starts with our Regional competition to help our coaches identify athletes who may be interested in our Provincial 7s teams for our U18 boys and girls who will go on to represent Manitoba at the National Championships hosted by Rugby Canada in March annually.

12 athletes are selected from camps hosted in January and Feb of each year to participate on the team. These athletes will be coached by a great staff of provincial coaches and practice at some of our best indoor facilities in the province.

As this is our first year in the 7s competition at the National level we do not have a projected cost breakdown at this time for future reference but going forward we will have a Phase 1 (Regional) and Phase 2 (Provincial) breakdown set well in advance for 2018.